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Our Philosophy

We believe:

  1. fingerpaintingThat all children learn through play. Children learn by hands on experience and exploration of their own interests.
  2. By observing the children and identifying their interest we together can create an environment that supports their interests.
  3. Playing and learning are not separated at the centre. As we believe children learn through play.
  4. That educators, parents and children work in collaborations in the children learning.
  5. The service offers opportunities for the mental, physical, lingual, social and emotional growth of each child.
  6. The service offers an environment which provides opportunities for the child to develop the necessary social skills to function as a successful member of society.
  7. The service provides many and varied opportunities that stimulate the creativity and curiosity of each child.
  8. The service provides a happy, safe and secure environment where each child develops a sense of well-being and self-worth.
  9. The service provides child centered activities that promote learning through play in all areas of development.
  10. Educators will observe each child as an individual in order to identify and meet their needs and interests.
  11. The service will provide nutritious and multicultural meals that also cater for individual dietary requirements.
  12. The service encourages the understanding and acceptance of a variety of cultures, customs, languages and people with additional needs.
  13. The service provides an environment which discourages gender, racial, social and differently abled bias.
  14. The service encourages parent and community participation in the curriculum and provides opportunities for consultation with staff or appropriate agencies and resources.
  15. Staff will each develop and display their own personal philosophy regarding their beliefs, morals and educational practices.
  16. The service will implement and maintain environmentally sustainable practices and encourage ongoing sustainability education with children, staff and families.
  17. The service develops and maintains trusting, respectful and responsible relationships between children, staff, families and the community.
  18. Our centre up holds the 7 Quality Areas, 17 Standards and 53 Elements of National Quality Framework and Early Years Learning Framework.
  19. In upholding the United Nations convention on the right of the child in our practices.
  20. We, as a centre, abide by the requirements set out in the National Law and Regulations.

Please contact us to find out more or schedule a tour.

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mscccicon Ring us on 9250 7030. Please drop by for a little tour - 21 Lewis Jones Cross, Stratton. Middle Swan Primary is opposite.